Mark Casas

Creative Director

FandangoNOW Web Redesign

A "Cinematic Experience" for the FandangoNOW web experience. This project served as a use case in which the most relevant content would be curated. The intention was for users to see the featured content, instead of having to search through hundreds of movie posters. Starting with the navigation, the page was sectioned into detailed buckets so the user could navigate the site more clearly and intuitively. View Project

FandangoNOW TV Experience

A simpler user experience, combined with a more streamlined design, was the approach for this project. The TV app integrates seamlessly onto any smart TV, giving the user control over their viewing experience. View Project

Fandango Fanshop Experience

An e-commerce project in which users are able to purchase their favorite movie memorabilia. A redesign was started to simplify elements and user interface: including the header, search, promo call-outs, and Fandango FanAlerts. View Fandango Fanshop View Desktop Redesign Project View Mobile Redesign Project

FandangoNOW iOS Redesign

A new iOS experience, that will combine an expanded user experience with an updated visual interface. The project called for a more robust app experience. It was adapted from a library hub into a full browsing experience - that included all of FandangoNOW’s inventory. View Project

Fandango Icon Exploration

A researched and user tested exercise in which the design team had to come up with icons that were simple and clear, yet visually strong enough to be included on the Fandango ticketing app. User tests revealed - by a large margin - that the set I developed was the one that was preferred. View Project

FandangoNOW Onboarding Experience

A collaborative exercise between the UX/Design, Marketing, and User Research teams. Our goal was to come up with a visually appealing, yet simple and effective way to illustrate to users all the value props that FandangoNOW has to offer. View Project

FandangoNOW How It Works Web Flow

The first phase of the FandangoNOW How It Works experience. The hypothesis here stated that by providing a hub where users can go to be informed of what FandangoNOW can offer, purchase conversions will increase. View Desktop Project View Mobile Project